Silc Arts - The art of pleasure.

Silc Arts strives to bring you sculpturally exquisite adult toys and ergonomic handles that challenge industry conventions through innovation and art. They are committed to making the highest quality toys from the finest materials. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted and given the attention to detail that you deserve.

Our work has been exhibited in curated and juried shows around the world, including the London Erotic Arts Fest, the Dirty Show, Tucson Erotica Arts Show, Hygienic Salon des Independants, Rochester Erotic Arts Show, Bawdy, and more.

Matt Heft is one in a lineage of professional artists. With years of experience as a tattoo artist specializing in Neo-Traditional design, He now brings that obsession of perfect line, contrast, composition, and shape to the adult toy industry.

“I aim to make toys that please sight and touch, to make toys that are at home on your bedside or your mantle.”