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Loop Handles

Loop Handles

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Loop Handles offer a better grip and better control of your Silc Touch handle. They are made of the finest Extra-Firm (30) body-safe Platinum Silicone.

Size - Large (for larger hands). Loop handles fit all Silc Touch models.

Loop Handles only - Toy and Silc Touch handle not included.

You may choose a house color, or up to 5 colors for the toy. Loop Handles are marbled or solid.

~Made of the finest Platinum Silicone
~Hypoallergenic & body safe
~Free U.S. shipping
~Discreet brown-box shipping
~Hand crafted in the U.S.
~All of our toys are handmade and unique.

To install, rub a tiny amount of soapy water or water-based lube on the inside of the Loop Handle, and slide it on. To Remove, pull the Loop Handle away from the Silc Touch and drip soapy water or lube between the 2. Gently pull the Loop Handle back and forth to spread the lube, until you can slide it off. Loop Handles can be hard to put on or remove. They are designed this way so the Loop Handle doesn't slide off in use.

Easy-Open packaging is available. Only necessary packaging will be used, and will be left open, for easy unpacking. Only the shipping box will be sealed.


The finest body-safe Platinum Silicone & Pigment

Care Instructions

Wash before and after use with warm water and soap. Use with water-based lube only.

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